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Success Stories

Welcome to our "Success Stories" Page!

Save A Life Pet Rescue, Inc. (SAL) has rescued thousands of animals in desperate need of help. Listed below are just a few of SAL’s recent success stories 

 Without the help of the community and donors, these beautiful pets would have never had a second chance at life.

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Joe, a six-month-old, twenty-five-pound Beagle-mix, spent the first few months of his life enduring brutal biting, intimidation, and vicious assault wounds inflicted by large and aggressive dogs trained to kill for the blood sport of dog fighting. Joe was a bait dog—a dispensable victim used solely to test another dog’s fighting instinct by restraining the bait animal and allowing the fight dog to attack the defenseless bait animal until its incapacitation or death. At the direction of his former owner, fight dogs ripped Joe’s flesh, tore through his muscles and tissue, and inflicted deep puncture wounds into his body. Unable to serve as a bait dog any longer due to his injuries, Joe’s former owner carelessly abandoned him and left him struggling for life. If not for the compassion of a Good Samaritan who found Joe and brought him to Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital, SAL would never have had the opportunity to save Joe.

Joe's outer leg wounds

Joe's inner leg wounds

When Joe arrived at Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital in January 2013, he was barely alive and suffering from immense pain, blood loss, and infection. Given SAL’s reputation in the community, Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital immediately contacted our organization for assistance with Joe. Without seeing the extent of Joe’s injuries, SAL offered to cover all veterinary care, regardless of cost, to ensure that Joe would survive. During Joe’s first two weeks at Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital, the veterinary staff clipped, cleaned, and bandaged Joe’s numerous wounds and treated him with heavy pain medications and antibiotics to eliminate infection and stabilize Joe for surgery. Once Joe was healthy enough for surgery, SAL transferred him to two other veterinary hospitals, where Joe underwent specialized procedures to close his wounds and repair extensive muscle and tissue damage to his legs. Altogether, SAL spent over $6,000 bringing Joe back to a healthy, happy state.  

Given Joe’s horrifying start at life, SAL worked tirelessly to find Joe the perfect, loving, forever home upon recovery from his injuries. By the end of February 2013, a wonderful family adopted Joe. Joe is currently making the most of his second chance at life, sharing lots of love, fun, and happiness with his new family. Most importantly, Joe will never worry about being a bait dog again. 

Joe with his wonderful new family!



March 2013

3 months old.
This innocent puppys' life started out without knowing the true love of what a family really is.
 "Hope's" full story of what happened to her leg is something we will never know unless the person(s) responsible would own up to the mistakes they've made.
Animal Control Officers at the GA pound were told a person was seen throwing puppies from a moving car...
Shall I go on?
Everyone can clearly see where this is headed... We now have in our care, 3 puppies, from that pound, from the same time frame and litter... Only 1 little puppy has seemed to sustain a severe injury.
"Hopes" injury, as best estimated by our vets, is approximately 2 weeks old. Did this happen from being thrown out of a car? Or perhaps in some other traumatic event we are unaware of?
All we know is that we are extremely lucky to have found this wonderful litter of pups. "Hope" is going to receive the best care to help fix her broken leg.
Below, you can see "Hope's" X-Ray and what her leg looks like upon intake

"Hope" never stood a chance at getting adopted from the GA pound due to her injury. "Hope" was going to be euthanized.
It's a wonderful thing to be known by these out of state pounds as "The Rescue That Takes Everything," because we got a call and a 24 hour deadline to rescue "Hope." All we needed was that phone call and we jumped into action.
"Hope" is now NOT going to be put down and we are working diligently with our vets to find the best treatment possible for her. We already know she needs surgery and it is going to be costly,  but we also need a treatment plan in place as she needs to receive all of her puppy vaccines and worming as well. With no built up immune system the window for illness like parvo, distemper, kennel cough, etc is opened up more.
This girl is our definition of
"To cherish a desire with anticipation"
"Hope" is scheduled for her surgery on friday Feb 1st at the Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital.
Hope is recovering well after her surgery! She's just as happy as can be!

We are very happy to announce that "Hope" will be going to a foster/adopt home for her recovery! 
We would like to thank everyone for their continued support with "Hope!"

Hope is spoiled. Theres not other way to put it!
The Roberson Family has decided to adopt "Hope" and welcome her into their ever growing family.
We couldn't have asked for a better forever home!
Below, please see how hope has recovered and settled in with her new family.

These pictures are truely what rescue is all about.


Without loving families or adopters, none of this would be possible!!!

May 2013

On a quiet, humid March night in rural Georgia, three-month-old Shepherd mix, Lexi, found herself in a cardboard box, writhing in pain, suffering from shock, and unable to walk. After inflicting injuries brutal enough to shatter Lexi’s pelvis, hip, and leg, Lexi’s former owners abandoned her on the front steps of a high-kill animal shelter, leaving her with little chance of survival. The shelter’s staff discovered Lexi and inspected her extensive injuries before determining that they lacked the capacity and resources to keep Lexi. Ultimately, the shelter would have to euthanize her without additional support. Lexi’s story is the perfect example of SAL's immense willingness to rescue all cats and dogs in need, despite geographic barriers, dismal health conditions, and substantial treatment costs.

If not for the high-kill shelter’s desperate call to SAL, Lexi would not be alive today. Without hesitation and reservations concerning Lexi’s severe physical condition, SAL agreed to rescue and rehabilitate Lexi. SAL staff immediately drove eight hours from central Florida to southern Georgia to rescue Lexi from euthanization and transport her to a local veterinary hospital. The veterinary staff at Altamonte Veterinary Hospital performed internal and external inspections of Lexi’s injuries, which revealed that her leg was irreparably damaged and required amputation for eased mobility. SAL agreed to pay the nearly $2,000 in veterinary expenses necessary to provide Lexi a new, happy, and healthy outlook.


Following her amputation procedure and recovery, SAL worked tirelessly to find Lexi a loving, forever home capable of providing her with comfort, care, and affection. By August 2013, a wonderful man named Jeff adopted Lexi with the promise of sharing an unyielding love and compassion for Lexi. Despite Lexi’s devastating start in life, she has a great disposition and hopeful future, proving that animals are capable of love even when their owners are not.

*Adopted by the Sullivan Family*
August 2013

We are happy to report that "Rosie" is doing wonderfully with her newly adopted family!

Rosie sleeps right next to her mommy, Susans, ribs so that she can feel
her heart beating and is quickly filling the hole left in the Sullivans hearts when they
lost their sweet yellow lab, Cassie 4 months ago.
Susan, Rosies  Mommy, tells us what a smart girl she is too. She already
knows to sit to get her leash put on or off, healing and shaking hands/paws!
Special thanks to the Sullivan family for adopting such a beautiful lab mix and allowing her into their hearts and homes.
We have no doubt that Rosie will be loved unconditionally!

*Maier Family Adoption*

Adopted Sept 2013

This little girl is now the lucky puppy that gets to go home with the Maier Family!
Lots of puppy kisses and tail wags to come!
We know she will be raised to be a smart and obedient girl!
Thank you Maier family and keep us posted on how this sweet little girl is doing!!!

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