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 Shelter Vs. Rescue


Many people do not know the difference between a shelter and a rescue.

Hopefully this will answer some questions people may have.

Shelters, like our local Orange County and Seminole County, are government funded. This means that all expenses like vaccines, worming, flea, heart guard prevention and spay/neuter are paid for at a low cost by the government.  When an animal at a shelter becomes ill, the only outcome is euthanasia. This is to prevent the spread of disease in the shelter. It’s less costly to just “get rid” of the problem then to treat.  The government simply does not allow the funding to treat all of the animals in need.

Rescues, on the other hand, take on the expense at full cost and also don’t euthanize just because a dog becomes ill.  This is why most rescues “go under” within 2 years of opening. Here at Save-A-Life Pet Rescue INC. we have Veterinarians that allow us to keep an open bill and not pay everything in full. We currently have 2 running bills at the Banfield in Oviedo and also at Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital. We would never rescue an animal from euthanasia simply to “put it down” because the cost was too high. We look at our animals as children. We have been and will continue to do everything possible to save their lives.

Rescues endure very high medical bills in a very short amount of time. This is why monetary donations are very important.  

We do our very best to treat all of our animals. Please continue to support us in the fight over abuse and neglect and the euthanizing of animals.

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